So grateful…

I feel incredibly grateful for the progression of healing I’ve seen in my body.

Before going raw, I was taking 23 units of Lantus, and about 14-16 units of Novolog daily.  My blood sugar readings were across the board, ranging from 140-300.   I was consuming large amounts of coffee, and also eating low carb (greek yogurt, salads, meat, cheese, butter).

I am shocked to say I am only on 18 units of Lantus, and 6 units of Novolog DAILY!  My levels are now 85-160.   They never go higher than 160, and it’s usually around 140 two hours after a meal.  I have cut out the coffee, dairy, meat, and ANY refined sugars or starches (I use liquid Stevia to sweeten).  The part that amazes me most is how many more carbs I eat now.  I am able to enjoy low glycemic fruits without a problem!  Another bonus- I’ve lost 5 lbs!  I feel great!

If you give your body what it needs, it will thank you.


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  1. Amazing and inspiring! Please keep us updated regularly. If we all ate more like this, (non diabetics and all), imagine how much less medicine and illness there would be.


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