I am now 10lbs lighter, and 50lbs happier! I have so much
energy! I am now down to 1 unit of Novolog per meal and can even
eat a mid-afternoon snack with the amount carried over from lunch.
I would really love to help others (esp. Diabetics) in eating a raw
food diet. The results are unexplainable,…I haven’t had this much
energy, love, and gratitude for life and those around me since I
was a child. It’s so nice to test my blood sugar and always have a
balanced and predictable reading. I need to get my blog in more
Google searches so that I can get the word out. There is not a
whole lot of info out there on types 1 diabetes and a raw vegan
lifestyle. Eventually, I’d like to learn some more about WordPress
so I can begin to post photos of meals and maybe even some before
and after photos! I’ve been updating mostly with my phone and need
to utilize my computer more. Tomorrow I will be attending a free
Vegan cooking class at Whole Foods. While I don’t see myself eating
cooked foods ever again (aside from the occasional special
occasion),…my daughter has recently shown an interest in becoming
vegan due to my own personal change. I hope to get some good tips
and ideas! I’ve already got her drinking green (well, purple from
the berries, but consisting mostly of spinach) smoothies in the
morning for breakfast! For anyone looking at healthy travel
destinations, my best friend and I will be staying at a Vegan bed
and breakfast in the rain forests of Las Marias, Puerto Rico.
Maravilla guesthouse ( has an all
inclusive meal plan which provides tasty vegan meals as well as raw
(you just need to request). I’m so excited to go on a vacation and
stay raw and healthy at the same time! To our health!


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  1. Posted by claire on January 22, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Hi – congratulations on your progress! I am also type 1 and have been eating high raw for a few years. I have to say that I have some big slip ups, but I know that raw is what I need to aim for. I was wondering what you eat on a daily basis? I like the idea of eating a lot of fruit and going easy on the fats, but I seem to get really high blood sugar spikes between meals when I eat a lot of fruit, which makes me feels ill. Have been trying to go low fruit with lots of salads, green juices, avos and nuts, which does keep my blood sugar level, but am finding my insulin needs going up and that I have no energy from the low carbs/lots of fats 😦 Am starting to go crazy trying to find something that keeps my blood sugar good AND keeps me feeling happy!!! Would be good to hear about what’s working for you, many thanks x


    • Posted by justbyjen on January 27, 2011 at 6:34 pm

      Hi Claire! I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to respond!
      It’s so exciting to hear from someone out there that knows what I’m talking about!
      For myself, the raw diet has given me predictability….which is something I severely lacked before heading down this path.
      A life with diabetes will always be a struggle, but eating this way provides so much control.
      I have slip-ups too, but the important thing is that I now know why. Fruit is always a downfall for me as well. Certain fruits I can flourish on (Berries are my favorite, small-medium apples, grapefruits, kiwi), while others I have to avoid all together (besides the every now and then special occasion, I avoid mango, grapes, pineapple, bananas, etc).
      For low blood sugar, I use one or two dried figs (you can get the unsulphured turkish ones at Trader Joes) or sometimes I’ll use Medjool dates.
      Slip ups also occur due to my hormonal changes, stress levels, lack of sleep, etc. But what’s new? haha. 🙂

      Here is a sample of what I eat daily, along with my insulin regimen:

      6:30am- 10 units Lantus, 1 unit Novolog
      1 large glass of water with lemon juice and cayenne to drink with my supplements/vitamins
      1 large glass of green smoothie (Kale, dandelion greens, cucumber, celery, swiss chard, collard- any combo of greens I have on hand, along with a little lemon juice, water, and a few drops of liquid stevia. Sometimes I’ll add a little fruit if my level is okay for it ((half a grapefruit or a small pear with some ginger)). I also have spirulina powder and Nutiva Hemp protein powder, which depending on my mood, I’ll add a spoonful of one of those in too.

      10:30-11am (I get hungry for lunch early!)
      1 unit of novolog
      Broccoli soup is my favorite (it’s a recipe by Alissa Cohen!) It contains broccoli, cumin, black pepper, avocado, sea salt, almonds, garlic, olive oil, and water. It’s SO good and I love broccoli now!
      I’ll put some cut up cherry tomatoes in there, and something that isn’t raw but is vegan that I really love are Mary’s gone cracker’s Flax Crackers. The Black Pepper flavor is my favorite! They taste really good crumbled up in that soup and they’re super low carb.

      1 small apple with a handful of raw almonds

      6:15pm- 1 unit of novolog
      A recent favorite of mine for dinner is a mock tuna pate. It contains celery, carrots, walnuts, dill, Bragg’s aminos, sea salt, black pepper, and a dash of cayenne) whipped up in a food processor. I’ll eat this with some spinach and sometimes persian cucumbers chopped up.

      9pm- 8 units of Lantus
      If I’m hungry, I’ll have a small snack,… I was getting lows in the morning when I was taking 10units before bed, so I lowered it to 8, but have found I don’t need to eat to cover the low anymore. I was eating a grapefruit or this cereal mix of unsweeted coconut, almond flour, a little coconut milk, a little liquid stevia, himalayan sea salt, and some pecans and blueberries. It’s the consistency of oatmeal and is super good.

      It seems that I have to avoid fruit in the mornings but as the day progresses, my body is able to handle the low glycemic fruits better. I don’t think fruit is something you should avoid, just know which ones and what times to eat them. That seems to have worked for me.

      I hope this helps!! Thanks so much for commenting!

      Keep in touch!! 🙂


      • Posted by claire on January 28, 2011 at 1:46 pm

        Hello 🙂

        So nice to have a new type 1 raw friend!!!

        Thanks for your help – your menu looks quite similar to what I know has worked for my blood sugar in the past. It gets fantastic and predictable numbers, the issue though for me is that I find it really hard to sustain. I’m not sure whether it is a bit too low carb for me and I just need to add in some more fruit (I have problems with exactly the same fruits as you!!!! bananas, grapes, mangos, papayas, dates (I use them for lows too!) but can do apples, berries, oranges, kiwis, cherries). Or whether it’s because I am trying to recover from bulimia and have a serious starch/sugar addiction to beat because of that. Whatever the reason, I know that I can’t seem to go more than a couple of weeks on that kind of raw plan without having a major cooked carb binge…usually the worst kind of junk food carbs, too 😦

        I’m thinking of modifying my ideal raw plan to something like this…

        am 2 pints green juice (no fruit….love love love my green juice :)) ), then small avo salad to keep me going…find I end up bingeing later in the day if I just have juice…2 units novorapid

        am snack 2 pieces low GI fruit…1ish units novorapid

        lunch big salad with sprouted or cooked pulses, seeds or nuts or raw crackers, couple more pieces of low GI fruit, 3-4 units NR

        pm snacl couple pieces fruit 1ish units NR

        dinner – pretty much same as lunch

        Evening levemir shot – currently 13 units :O all-time high because have had a massive ED relapse and binged on junk food for about a month straight :(…but when have been on raw plan for a couple of weeks and exercising regularly goes down to about 4 units daily

        Had a tip from someone else to give novorapid 20 mins before eating if eating high GI fruit….and that seemed to give good results with blood sugar at 2 hours….but I just find that eating large fruit meals 80/10/10 style makes me very balanced, gives me massive sugar cravings, and is too unpredictable with fruits varying in sweetness so much. Think life was simpler when I followed a plan like yours even though might have been a bit heavy on the fat and low on the carbs.

        *sigh* don’t you just love being diabetic!!!! Wouldn’t it be so lovely just to be able to eat any healthy food in any quantity without having to worry about carbs and insulin and without having to be so restrictive within what is already a very restrictive diet!!! Didn’t value my pancreas enough until it was gone…

        Claire x

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