Support Group

Yesterday, I had the honor of being a guest speaker at a type 1 diabetes support group for kids.

I spoke to the kid’s parents for the first 45 minutes on my life growing up with diabetes, and the last 30 minutes speaking with the kids.

I became the most nervous when I began speaking with the youth.  I wanted to be careful not to say anything too morose or bring up a topic they may be sensitive to.  I recall being quite vulnerable in the beginning, and I wasn’t sure where each child’s path lay with the disease.  I was quickly put at ease once the kids began to speak about their experiences in regards to their peer’s reactions to diabetes.  These children were not only well spoken, but resilient and wise.  I forget how much growing up you go through once you are diagnosed with diabetes.  You immediately have to become that much more responsible for yourself and it really showed in these kids.  Their attitudes on the disease were admirable and made me really wish I had cool diabetic friends like them as a kid.

It was an extremely rewarding experience.  I’ve always enjoyed kids, and having something as monumental as diabetes to relate to creates that much more in the relationship.  Perhaps volunteering with juvenile diabetic kids will be in my near future?


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