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Struggles with getting sick

Hello everyone-

I neglected to update my blog due to my catching a nasty cough/congestion type illness.

Feeling incredibly run-down, I was also experiencing unpredictable blood sugar levels, regardless of eating my super healthy meals.  When your body is harboring an infection, the liver’s storage of glucose secretes the glycogen to give your body extra energy to fight the sickness….well, since our pancreas isn’t tag teaming with the liver, our blood sugars soar.  Any predictable regime you may have is completely thrown off.

It can get pretty depressing, especially after having such balanced levels for four months.  I think my immune system was compromised after my trip, and considering I was around a lot of sick people (including my daughter), I naturally caught the promiscuous bug.

I am finally at the tail-end of recovery and feeling much better.  My levels aren’t where I’d like them to be, but they have greatly improved from where they were a week ago.   The reality of diabetes is that no matter how healthy you eat, sometimes there will be factors that are incredibly difficult to manage.

So, I just test often, and remind myself that I’m doing the best I can.



Puerto Rican travels and Roller Coaster Levels

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated.  My excuse: planning and then taking a weeklong vacation in Puerto Rico!

I truly appreciate and respect the way I’d been eating, because once I left the states, my schedule, and the types of food  I typically eat went a little wayward….  along with portion sizes!

I can’t say I didn’t try….I did manage to scout out a wonderful vegan bed and breakfast deep in the rainforest mountains.  And I did bring fresh fruits, nuts and Lara bars with me.

The problem was a combination of sorts:  I was eating a lot more than usual (Breakfasts were a green smoothie AND usually 4 other things, as well as combo of cooked and raw vegan), I was eating at different times of the day than usual (add to that the 2 hour time difference), and I was driving through narrow, winding, mountainous roads with cliff side drops (hello adrenaline and goodbye balanced levels!)

While I did have a magical and wonderful time, my body pretty much hated me.  I was running in the high 200s, which felt completely awful (especially after being balanced for 4 months).  Due to taking such large amounts of insulin to compensate, my body’s insulin needs increased.

However, I am proud to say that I am almost back to where I was!  Thank goodness our bodies are forgiving!

I haven’t been able to eat fruit yet, but eventually I’ll be able to add that in again.  Currently, I’m eating mostly greens and low glycemic veggies.   I also picked up some chia seeds which seem to help as well!

I gained a lot of great recipe ideas while staying at Maravilla bed and breakfast and I’m looking forward to try them out!  Currently, I’m experimenting with Chayote!   You can throw it in the food processor with a little salt, stevia, and nutmeg, and make a porridge….you can also use a potato peeler to create noodles for a delicious sauce.

Photos to come!