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Staying positive

I recently posted a short paragraph about my blog and raw food experiences on a diabetes forum I belong to (TuDiabetes) to spread the word on my surprising progress.  My goal was to get my blog out there, so that anyone that might be interested in this lifestyle might be able to gain some perspective, support and new ideas that specifically cater to their situation.

Before I began this journey, I was desperate for any kind of information regarding this diet AND juvenile diabetes.  Most of what I found was for type 2 diabetes or the general public looking for weight loss and overall health.  Unfortunately, there is very little out there for people in my scenario.  I had found a couple you tube videos (also type 1 diabetics) that inspired me enough to try the raw diet (just for a week I told myself…haha) and I’m forever grateful that those people put themselves out there!

Well, after I made the post on TuDiabetes, I surprisingly received many negative (and sometimes just mean) comments on my new lifestyle.  Not all of them were discouraging, but the bulk of them were quite pessimistic.   Most of the gripe was surrounded around my use of the word “healing.”   As some of you may know, it can be very frustrating and off-putting when you read claims of type 1 diabetes being cured.   As someone who has had the disease for almost 20 years, I can completely empathize.  My choice of wording was the main culprit, but I still felt depressed by some of the comments, considering I’ve always come to this forum for support.

I avoided responding at first, and felt silly for how sad the comments were allowing me to become.

Today is a new day, however, and I realized that I can’t let negativity affect me, especially when I have accomplished so much!

To many, this lifestyle is very extreme…and in some ways it can be.   I feel it most when I go out to eat with friends….But I will say it helps my indecisive trait when there are only a couple of things on the menu to choose from!

So I responded to the post as best as I possibly could, and I am choosing to remain positive and happy, because that’s what this lifestyle has provided me, and I’m never ever looking back!

Here is the link to the aforementioned posting, in case you’re interested:


Puerto Rican travels and Roller Coaster Levels

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated.  My excuse: planning and then taking a weeklong vacation in Puerto Rico!

I truly appreciate and respect the way I’d been eating, because once I left the states, my schedule, and the types of food  I typically eat went a little wayward….  along with portion sizes!

I can’t say I didn’t try….I did manage to scout out a wonderful vegan bed and breakfast deep in the rainforest mountains.  And I did bring fresh fruits, nuts and Lara bars with me.

The problem was a combination of sorts:  I was eating a lot more than usual (Breakfasts were a green smoothie AND usually 4 other things, as well as combo of cooked and raw vegan), I was eating at different times of the day than usual (add to that the 2 hour time difference), and I was driving through narrow, winding, mountainous roads with cliff side drops (hello adrenaline and goodbye balanced levels!)

While I did have a magical and wonderful time, my body pretty much hated me.  I was running in the high 200s, which felt completely awful (especially after being balanced for 4 months).  Due to taking such large amounts of insulin to compensate, my body’s insulin needs increased.

However, I am proud to say that I am almost back to where I was!  Thank goodness our bodies are forgiving!

I haven’t been able to eat fruit yet, but eventually I’ll be able to add that in again.  Currently, I’m eating mostly greens and low glycemic veggies.   I also picked up some chia seeds which seem to help as well!

I gained a lot of great recipe ideas while staying at Maravilla bed and breakfast and I’m looking forward to try them out!  Currently, I’m experimenting with Chayote!   You can throw it in the food processor with a little salt, stevia, and nutmeg, and make a porridge….you can also use a potato peeler to create noodles for a delicious sauce.

Photos to come!

So grateful…

I feel incredibly grateful for the progression of healing I’ve seen in my body.

Before going raw, I was taking 23 units of Lantus, and about 14-16 units of Novolog daily.  My blood sugar readings were across the board, ranging from 140-300.   I was consuming large amounts of coffee, and also eating low carb (greek yogurt, salads, meat, cheese, butter).

I am shocked to say I am only on 18 units of Lantus, and 6 units of Novolog DAILY!  My levels are now 85-160.   They never go higher than 160, and it’s usually around 140 two hours after a meal.  I have cut out the coffee, dairy, meat, and ANY refined sugars or starches (I use liquid Stevia to sweeten).  The part that amazes me most is how many more carbs I eat now.  I am able to enjoy low glycemic fruits without a problem!  Another bonus- I’ve lost 5 lbs!  I feel great!

If you give your body what it needs, it will thank you.

A bump in the road…

Today has been a rough day. My sugar levels have been amazing for the past two weeks of eating raw vegan, but last night I got myself into trouble. Tonight is a holiday potluck at my friend, Julie’s house. I wanted to bring a yummy raw dessert and decided on making a chocolate strawberry mousse pie. Now, typically I only use Stevia when I create something sweet for myself, but I wanted to save the amount I had left and also please the palates of the guests, so I used a combo of soaked dates and raw honey. Well, while creating this lovely pie, I was taking taste tests to make sure it was turning out right (bad idea). All the itty bitty tastes definitely added up and spiked my sugar level. As any seasoned type 1 diabetic knows, once your sugar is spiked, it’s difficult to return to balance without going on a roller-coaster ride. I’m trying to ease it down with small amounts of insulin but it’s been in the low 200s since last night. This of course has given me a depressed and negative attitude for most of the day. I’m reminding myself however that I am actually doing a really good job and this is just a bump in the road.

Today I had a green smoothie made with spinach, a little leftover kale, Stevia, a couple spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, nutiva hemp protein powder, and half a small apple with a small handful of walnuts on the side.

For lunch I ate a large spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, green pepper, a few baby carrots, sunflower seeds, flax oil, sea salt, and apple cider vinegar.

I have not tested my post lunch blood sugar reading yet,…so I am about to do so and will let you know what I end up with. ((drumroll….))

88! What a relief…!

With perseverance all things are possible. 🙂

To our health!

Discovering hope!

Hello world! I’ve decided that I ought to start blogging about my journey through plant-based foods as a type 1 diabetic. My progressive results have been extremely hopeful and I am inspired to share my experiences so that I may hopefully inspire and support others’ journeys.

Just to clarify, I am a type 1 diabetic (which means my pancreas no longer makes insulin) and I’ve been so for 18 years. Type 2 diabetes is the more common type these days, and anytime you hear someone talk about diabetes, nine times out of ten, they are referring to type 2. The general public typically does not know the difference between the two, which can be very irritating.

Anyways, I’m sure I’ll post more on this in the future (especially on the preposterous claims that type 1 is curable with diet- which it is not! Only type 2 diabetics have the means to reverse and wean themselves off of medications). Insulin to me is like water- I will always need it to survive. However, I do believe diet (especially now!)can heal the body in extraordinary ways, and decrease the amount of insulin that it’s dependent upon.
The last two weeks, I have taken coffee, meat, and dairy out of my diet. I was eating generally healthy before, but my sugar levels were not in control (generally ranging from 180-300), I was often fatigued (which I tried to combat with coffee), and I felt an overall sense of poor health. I did try eating as low carb as possible, even tried following Dr Richard K Bernstein’s diet (which worked for my levels but left me feeling very unhealthy and hungry).

My goal on this blog Is to record what I eat, recipes, and a general overview of what the raw vegan lifestyle has accomplished for my health. Please share your experiences- we can all learn from each other.

To our health!